On January 30, 2005, a group of about 15 people got together at Pat Reagan-Briggs' house to have a potluck and discuss the possibility of forming a Unitarian Universalist group in the Cape Girardeau area.  Some of us had attended UU churches and fellowships elsewhere; some had just heard of UU and were interested in getting involved in it.  We agreed that we were committed enough to start meeting on a weekly basis, so we reserved the Johnson Faculty Centre for Sunday nights for the next few months. 

During spring 2005 we have had weekly services led by members on a rotating basis.  Our services are open to anyone interested in Unitarian Universalism; they last about an hour and include a discussion or presentation on a topic of interest, music, and inspirational readings, with fellowship and coffee afterward. 

On April 9, 2005, Rev. Bill Sasso from the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship was kind enough to come across the river and give a sermon on "Our Heritage of Growth," taking the opportunity to exhort us to carry on the tradition of Unitarian Universalist expansion in the Midwest by continuing to expand our congregation. 

We are not currently affiliated formally with the national Unitarian Universalist Association (though we may get there eventually), but we accept the principles and purposes of UUA as our guiding ideas.

If you are a Unitarian looking for a local congregation, or if you are just a person looking for a spiritual home where diversity of opinion and freedom of thought are valued, we invite you to visit us for a service at the Johnson Faculty Centre, 530 N. Pacific Ave., Cape Girardeau.  If you have questions, please contact us.

Our first potluck meeting, January 30, 2005.

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